These are truly the times that try men’s souls. Between the global pandemic that we’re all engulfed by and a contentious US election that leaves us breathless and speechless, the world is held hostage as natural and political forces duke it out for dominance in our lives. This international spontaneous combustion we’re in is monumental, cataclysmic and total in its destruction. It is truly enough to want to hide under the covers and be left alone until the nightmare is over.

The leadership in my organization recently announced a plan that all of the members of our team take turns…

I am a devotee of (almost) all things Apple. While I haven’t quite cozied up to their notebooks, I was in love from the very first iPhone I bought. I’m now on my second iPhone (my iPhone 6 Plus retired after about 10 years in favor of the iPhone 11 Pro Max), bought my first Apple Watch about a year ago, and I’m about to buy my 3rd iPad. My 6 Plus is now joining the first generation iPad, and my iPad Air2 in the Tucker-Apple Hall of Fame.

I practically run my house using my iPad. I use it…

It’s been 6 plus months since Covid-19 visited our shores and decided to stay, upending life as we know it in the United States. As a nation, in response we dutifully hunkered down by donning masks and limiting activities outside of our homes in order to contain the spread. However, as the cracks in the economy began to appear, the internet became more of a lifeline with Zoom and other applications being the connector; a way to continue our relationships with our families, friends and the companies we do business with.

While Zoom, social media, video, text messaging and online…

Michelle Tucker

Tech Writer, IT Project Manager and Yogi

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